New Delhi: "Dynastic rule in a party is curse for our political system" and has to be rooted out, activist Arvind Kejriwal said while addressing the "Mind Rocks" Youth Conclave here on Friday. He urged the youths to grab this "last chance" to bring a change.
The activist said the youths should take the fight against corruption to Parliament in the coming elections. "During our indefinite fast this time, it became clear that no party wants the Janlokpal bill, be it Congress or BJP, SP or BSP.

"We have been fighting for it for last one and a half years on the streets but now the fight is going into Parliament. For this, youth should participate in large number to take this movement to Parliament," he said.

Kejriwal attacked the parties for giving tickets to the relatives of their leaders and said "dynastic rule in a party is curse for our political system and it has to be rooted out."

Asking the youth to participate in the political process and join the movement against corruption, he said "it was people's movement and now they will take it to Parliament by
electing the right candidate, rising above politics."
Kejriwal refuted allegations that he was contesting the elections due to his "hunger for power".

"Soon after our freedom, when people contest elections they were termed as a 'true patriot', but now if you want to fight election then people will say you have a hunger for power. Such an environment has been created by these politicians," the former Team Anna member said.

Justifying the decision to form political party and contest elections, Kejriwal said said "we had tried all possible ways to deal with the government on the Janlokpal issue. We discussed with them, we wrote letters to them, we went on hunger strike thrice, but they didn't hear our voice. "So, there is only one way left, is to join politics and
root this corrupt system out."


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