New Delhi: Anticipating a comeback in Uttar Pradesh, the Samajwadi Party (SP) had declared the names of about 200 candidates a year before next year’s Assembly election, but this decision has boomeranged.

Of late, the party’s problems have multiplied with the increasing demand of SP heavyweights and veteran leaders in various districts to field their favourites and kith and kin in the elections.

With reports pouring in about former Farrukhabad MP Chandra Bhushan Singh alias Munnu Babu’s leaving the party, the dire condition of SP can be gauged. 

Singh is miffed as he alleges that the party has not given tickets to deserving and influential candidates in areas dominated by him. Sources reveal that SP, this time, has decided to distribute tickets without taking caste equations in account which is being highly resented by many local leaders including Singh.

He has decided to quit the party within a few days as he says he was not consulted in finalizing the candidates in areas which fall under his domination.

In a query from Dainik Jagran, he responded, “I am a grass root level worker, two- time MP and one time MLA. I have my own image among the people.”

When asked which party he intends to join after leaving SP, he said he has not yet decided. However, sources revealed that he would probably join BJP.

Another peeved leader is SP vice-president and Rajya Sabha MP Rasheed Masood. He too is annoyed with the party’s top leadership over the ticket distribution. Sources said he had approached the party leadership to give ticket to his nephew which was rejected.

As far as the party leadership is concerned, it has decided not to alter the list of declared candidates. Party believes the candidates have been selected judiciously. Therefore, the party shall not change its decision under unnecessary pressure created by some leaders; rather it has been hinted by the party High Command that it can instead change its strategy.

Similar problems are surfacing from Allahabad as well. A senior leader is vying to get tickets for his close aide. Sources said Kaushambi MP and the party’s Chief Whip in the Lok Sabha, Shailendra Kumar, is also lobbying for a ticket to his brother. However, the party is not paying attention to such pressures.