Scientists  have discovered the ear's own novel pain system that protects it from very loud or damaging noise. It may be the reason of jam your fingers in your ears when a fire engine or ambulance wails. The nerves that normally alert you to pain -- like touching a hot burner on a stove -- are not present in your inner ear.

Scientists named it auditory nociception, which is different from the one that transfers information about sound to the brain and enables you to hear a bird singing or a friend gossiping.

Senior author of the study, Jaime García-Anoveros said, "It is very important for your system to have protection from damaging sound. When sensory hair cells in the ear die, they are not repopulated. That's why hearing loss is irreversible. You need to be able to detect dangerous sound the way your nerve cells alert you to the danger of putting your hand on a hot iron."

The study was recently published in ' Current Biology'.

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