Himachal government has decided to exempt the power developers from seeking "no objection certificate" from Public Works, Irrigation and Public Health, Fisheries and Revenue Departments.
The government has also relaxed the norms for hydropower developers and investors for land acquisition, he said.
Inaugurating the two-day conference on 'Challenges and Barriers' in Hydro Power Development in Shimla, he said that the steps were being taken encourage entrepreneurs to invest in hydro power sector in the state.
The Chief Minister said that the state has around 27,436 MW of Hydel potential out of which 9,202.89 MW has already been harnessed. Projects with 11,361 MW potential are under different stages of execution and development, he added.
Virbhadra said that speedy implementation of these projects would result in socio-economic upliftment of project affected families.
The state government had approved its Hydro Policy, 2006 and special provisions had been made for rehabilitation and resettlement plans and committees formed. Local people are also being consulted before commissioning the project.
Besides, Local Area Development Fund (LADA) had been set up for the development of the project affected areas and adequate compensation and funds for social and other developments activities are also being ensured, he added.
He said that India's power sector faces lot of challenges such as poor infrastructure, high costs of production of electricity harnessed from coal, shortage of natural Gas and scant availability of nuclear resources.
"Though India's nuclear power generation satisfies many safeguards and oversights, the biggest challenge is to address the public and policy makers perceptions about the safety of nuclear power, particularly after the Fukushima incident in Japan and Chernobyl disaster in Russia," he said.
Sujan Singh Pathania, Multipurpose Projects and Power Minister said the state government had constituted the HP Power Corporation with the objective of enhancing the existing hydel potential and explore more possibilities of inviting the investors by providing several sops to them.
He said that the two projects Sainj (100 MW) and Kashang –I (65 MW) will start power generation next year.

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