Pankaj Agrawal, Senior Homeopath at Agrawal Homoeo Clinic and research centre, shares some home remedies that one can include in his or her daily regime to adapt to this weather well.

1. Apple cider vinegar: It is considered as a old age remedy, often suggested for a variety of health conditions as it has the ability to reduce mucous and cleanse the lymphatic system. You can take a teaspoon of organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and mix it in a glass of water. Take this drink three times a day, which will relieve you from acute allergy symptoms and will help prevent allergy attacks as well.

2. Lukewarm lime water: Take a glass of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of honey and squeeze half a lime in it. Follow this tip for several months and take this every morning, it not only flushes toxins out but also acts as an anti allergic agent.

3. Turmeric: It is considered as an Indian herb and has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Using turmeric with some warm milk helps to cure allergies more effectively.

4. Eat onion and garlic: They may prevent cells from releasing histamine and will help in reducing inflammation.

5. Avoid dairy products:
Try to avoid dairy products as they thickens and stimulates an increase in mucus production. Drink a lot of water daily to thin secretion.

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