Breakfast provides you sufficient energy and nutrients to kick-start your day and that is why it should be healthy containing the correct amount of  nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Here are some options of 'healthy breakfast' for you:

Oatmeal: Eating a bowl of oatmeal is the perfect idea for healthy breakfast. Oatmeal
is a rich source of iron, fiber, magnesium and vitamin B. It contains less amount of saturated fat and cholesterol. Oatmeal can be eaten in many ways. One can cook them with milk or can add fresh fruits to them. They can be cooked with vegetables as well.

Poha: Rice flakes also known as poha is one of the healthiest breakfast option. Poha is light and easy to digest. It contains vital minerals, carbohydrates, iron and vitamins.One can easily add vegetables, peanuts , sprouts to the poha to make it more healthy and nutrient rich.

Upma: Upma is a common South Indian breakfast dish. Upma is made up of rava also known as suji which is highly nutritious. It is rich in protiens, vitamin B and iron. Rava fills your appetite and keeps you full till lunch. It contains zero cholestrol.

Eggs: Eggs are fully loaded with nutrients like protien, vitamin, phosphorus and are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. Eggs help in sustaining the energy levels and also keeps your hunger satisfied for longer. Eggs are also vital for brain development and weight loss. Eggs can be eaten in innumerable forms.

Porridge gives the best start to the day. It consists of any type of crushed grain like wheat, rice, oats or barley. The hot cereal offers numerous health benefits. It has high protien content, fiber and also helps in stabilizing blood sugar. Porridge can be eaten in sweet form by cooking with milk and dryfruits. It can also be eaten in salty form by adding necessary vegetables to it.

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