Losing weight is not only about working out hard but also about the intake of the right amount of food required for the body, reports a website.

So this Christmas ensure you're looking and feeling your best throughout the holiday season with these tips:

- Portion control: Portion control while eating is vital to stay fit. You may be eating healthier, but piling your plate with food will not help with weight loss. Cutting down your portion size will not only help in losing weight but it means you can still eat some of your favourite foods, but just a lower amount of it.

- Drink more water: Throughout the warmer months we tend to drink more water but when the weather is cold it's not something that we think about. Drinking water not only helps to keep skin hydrated and looking good but it maintains the body's balance of fluids and helps to keep calories in check.

- Salt control: Too much salt in the diet contributes to edema and bloating, so stick to the recommended 1,500 mg a day. Don't put salt on the table to add to your dinner and limit the amount you use whilst cooking.

- Right mix of soluble and insoluble fibre: Eating a combination of soluble and insoluble fibre is an effective way to stay regular and avoid the bloated feeling that comes with constipation. Foods that are rich in fibre include oranges, mushrooms, raspberries, broccoli and cabbage. These are good for health. It's time to start eating them. Fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grain snacks also help.


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