The passenger arrived in Karachi from Liberia via Qatar and appeared to be in poor health condition.

The Express Tribune reported that after a brief medical assessment, the suspected patient was sent to Jinnah hospital, while his blood samples were sent to Islamabad for testing.

Earlier in Faisalabad, a suspected Ebola patient was later found out to be in the terminal stage of hepatitis C, coupled with an episode of dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Last week, a WHO team visited Pakistan to observe the measures taken to treat the patients suspected of Ebola.

So far no confirm case of the deadly virus has been found in the country.

Ebola virus has infected over 15,000 people in West Africa since it was first reported in Guinea in March, according to the WHO.

Although the number of cases in Liberia appears to be falling, Sierra Leone and Guinea are witnessing a steep rise.

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