Srinagar: Sohan Lal and his brother Sukaru are busy packing their bags and completing all the formalities for their US tour. Though there are some hesitation and apprehension in Sohan’s mind about the language, still music is what matters to him.

The two brothers, famous for playing ‘dhol’ in Srinagar, are invited to the US as visiting professors at the Cincinnati University.
On their three month visit to the country, the duo will give lectures on ‘dhol’. 'Dhol' is a folk drum of north India.

Both the brothers were appreciated for their talent in the region but they were in search for a bigger platform.

However, the duo, who is well versed with ‘Dhol Sagar’, gained some recognition when they displayed their talent at the National School of Drama in 2002. But, 2009 was a turning point in their life.

Conducting research on ‘Dhol Sagar’, Professor Stephen Seoul from Cincinnati University visited Sohan Lal’s house in 2009. After gaining much knowledge about the manuscript, the professor became a disciple of the ‘dhol’ master.

Seoul was so impressed that he even changed his name to Fyonlidas. After returning back to the US, he insisted to include ‘dhol’ as a subject in the curriculum of the university.

Nonetheless, the subject was included and now Sohan Lal and his brother will be visiting the US as lecturers.

Sohan Lal, who has studied till class 6, said that the visas have been arranged by Garhwal University.

During their tour, the duo will also show their talent in different cities of the country.

‘Dhol Sagar’ is a manuscript containing methodology of rhythms and tunes which was prepared by Brahmananda Thapliyal of Paudi in 1932.