Called Supersmoker Bluetooth, the e-Cigarette has a Bluetooth device embedded in it which makes it all possible to connect with the phone or play music from a favourite list.

The e-cigarettes have gained popularity among smokers as they can enjoy smoking without the harmful ingredients of a conventional cigarette.

“We have added technology to our e-cigarette range,” said a press release issued by Supersmoker Club, a manufacturer of high-quality electronic cigarettes.

The mechanism of the device is simple. Underneath the battery there are three buttons placed. One needs to press the middle button for a few seconds to activate the Supersmoker Bluetooth.

Once your phone recognises the Bluetooth, you can make the connection with the phone. With an incoming call, the battery makes a noise and vibrates. The smoker simply has to press the middle button and he is ready to answer the call via the built-in microphone.

If you wish to listen to music, then choose the track from the playlist and press play. The volume can be easily regulated by using the buttons. Supersmoker Bluetooth can easily be connected to any android, iOS device or a tablet.


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