He spoke of uplifting the lowest strata of society as a path to overall development.
"Due to distinction and division, problems in the society arises. Those who shiver and are waiting for a cup of tea on the Yamuna banks are the most deprived ones and need to be uplifted and taken care of.
"We all need to believe in humanity. If the lowest strata of the society is taken care of development, it will happen in real sense," Jung said.
He was speaking at a seminar on "Role of Governance in Socio-Economic Development of Minorities" organised by Delhi Minorities Commission on the occasion of "UN Minorities Rights Day today.
Minorities should be on the basis of economic background and not on the basis of religion or caste, Jung said.
Chairman Delhi Minority Commission Qamar Ahmed said that the United Nations declaration on the rights of minorities has emphasised that the promotion and protection of minority rights shall contribute to the political, social and economic stability of the country and peace.
"I firmly believe that it will strengthen India's stand of "unity in diversity".
Our government attaches highest importance to the all- round participative developments and inclusive growth of all the minority communities, which is around 18 per cent of the population, and consists of six religious communities namely Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, Buddhists and Jains," Ahmed said.
Chief Secretary Deepak Mohan Spolia said such seminars will not only help the government to identify the problems and shortcomings within the system but also find ways and means to rectify such deficiencies because understanding between the various stakeholders is the first and foremost requirement for an effective and efficient service delivery.

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