Kolkata: Aiming for a developed India, former President APJ Abdul Kalam on Tuesday said this can be possible if for the next ten years the country’s GDP growth is maintained at 10 percent and national ideals promoted in the country. 

While addressing management professionals in the city on the occasion of completion of 180 years of Kolkata Chamber of Commerce, Kalam said, "Economic prosperity alone is not sufficient. There should also be social prosperity and the development should uplift 400 million people out of poverty by 2020."

The former President said innovation and business models should focus at the bottom of the social pyramid and convert problems into business opportunities.

He cited the examples of ITC, ICICI bank, Unilever and various other organisations that have been able to offer solutions to rural people with a profitable business model.

For India to develop as a super power, the country must offer quality healthcare, education and safe drinking water to everybody as well as ensure freedom from corruption and curb crime against women and children, he said.

He asked the business managers to think about what they can give instead of what they can take.

West Bengal Governor M K Narayanan said there are long term challenges to make India an economic powerhouse like improving infrastructure, resolving land issues, inflation, fiscal deficit, declining FDI and the rupee turning less stable.