“Economy can grow faster if purchasing power of villagers increases,” Modi said.

Asserting that nation’s development should be the paramount tenet in every politician’s mind, Modi said, “Political differences shouldn’t come in way of nation's development.”

“The Centre and states should work together for nation's development, Prime Minister and Chief Ministers may be from any party, but the nation is one,” he added.

“Tumkur Food Park is a collaboration of the Centre, state and private sector. This is important for the development of the country,” he said.
Vouching for effective and efficient working, Modi said, “Preventing wastage of food and agriculture commodities can help save up to Rs 40,000-cr annually.”

“Adopting scientific farming methods can help resolve most of the farming problems, he added.

Stating that farmers work to provide food to us, but they fail to get returns, Modi said, "There is a need to make value additions and it will happen only if we could take it forward through technology."

Meanwhile, emphasizing on the needs of the Farmers Modi said, “Farmers lacks basic facilities like ware housing, storage. As there are no good roads, they fail to take their production to market. For economical development of farmers, better facilities need to be given to them. Formers should get better market, good price and storage facilities. If we do this, the whole country will proper."

"Farmers should be introduced to global market. If mangoes are made into pickles, it will get more revenue to farmers. Mangoes sell at a regional level, but mango pickles sell worldwide," he added

Modi on Wednesday inaugurated a food park in Tumkur, Karnataka.

The food park will procure the produce directly from farmers at collection centers. The warehousing capacity at the food park is over 25,000 tonnes.

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