The warning signal sent by the Election Commission to senior political leaders of the country asking them to refrain from making statements against constitutional bodies is quite relevant but the EC too must realise that its decision of  covering the statues of Mayawati and that of elephants in UP irked the BSP supporters. The opposition too did not seem pleased by the decision. The motive behind Election Commission’s decision to veil the statues failed miserably as their effort backfired and gave undue advertisement to the BSP. Mayawati was grateful to her opponents for raking up the issue. If the incident proved to be so beneficial for the BSP, why did it oppose the decision of the EC to veil the statues? Mayawati hurled allegations against the election body of being casteist and working at the behest of the Centre. Castigating constitutional bodies will not fetch Mayawati anything. If the BSP supremo was really unhappy by the decision, she should have approached the court. Critisising the EC for mere political gains is not acceptable.

The decision of the EC to veil the statues as they were built on government expenses is justified, but the Commission has to realise that many organisations and buildings in the name of politicians are built on government land and expenses. If the EC does not take concrete steps in this matter, it will spiral out of their control. Bold and quick decisions need to be taken against the construction of parks, memorials and buildings built in the names of politician so that the EC is not accused of being biased. And due to violation of the model code of conduct in many states the Election Commission has to keep a watchful eye on the politicians. Till the time electoral reforms are on hold, the EC has to devise a way of keeping all political parties on equal footing.