Of the 24 clubs in the first and second divisions, 18 are in debt to their players over unpaid salaries this year, a players' union director said.
"From yesterday we have decided to stop our activities," Edwin Tenorio, vice-president of the Ecuador Footballers' Association (AFE).
"We are making use of a right to refuse (to work) in view of the fact that our rights are being violated," added Tenorio.
The strike action which could affect the weekend's league program was called after the Ecuadorean Football Federation (FEF) decided against sanctioning indebted clubs despite these being repeatedly denounced by the union.
The FEF, reacting to the strike call, said in a statement that 'rather than solving the existing problems, it aggravates them more' and added that the weekend matches would go ahead as scheduled.
Ecuador has 12 clubs in each of its top two divisions, known as Series A and B.

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