"There are certain well qualified individuals who indulge in terrorist and anti national activities in absence of cultural values and morality," he said at the convocation of Sharda University here.
Singh appealed to the students to indulge in the process of nation building and contribute in making the country a developed country in the world.
The Home Minister said knowledge and learning should have a moral and cultural compass and in the absence of any morality, knowledge can take a dangerous turn.
"When I was the Education Minister of Uttar Pradesh, I introduced 'Vedic Mathematics' but so called 'intellectuals' opposed that move," he said.
Referring to ancient universities like Taxila and Nalanda, which were home to global students, Singh said India had been a seat of knowledge and also a source of learning around the globe.
"India's age-old cosmological calculations are in tune with modern scientific calculations," he said.
The Home Minister also quoted philosophers like Voltaire to highlight India's importance in the field of science, culture and knowledge.
Singh said winner of 'Fields Medal' Prof Manjul Bhargav from Princeton University has found a deep connection between Mathematics and Sanskrit.

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