"Crimes against women are rising not just in India. We are talking about India now but crime against women have gone up all over the world. I live in Australia and crimes against women as per statistics are huge there and unfortunately it's going up every day," she said.

Shanks made her first visit to the city, to attend the 90th year celebration of the Saroj Nalini Dutt Memorial Association, which works for the welfare of women in the city.     

"We need to educate the men. I believe that's the only way to control crimes against women. But I think we need to start with the little boys in schools. Unfortunately, it's always known that little boys learn where they live," she said.

"If a boy is living in a situation where there is harm against women he'll learn that," she stressed.

Citing the example of White Ribbon, an Australian organisation showcasing male-led campaigns to end men's violence against women, Shanks said that men all around the globe need to take a stand against crimes against women and also encourage others to do the same.

She also held the changing modern lifestyle, invasion of technologies resulting in the cut down of jobs behind the rise of crimes against women.

"I wonder it's the pressures of the world. I think things have changed enormously in the last 20 years owing to technology which has eaten up jobs worldwide. And with the growth in population and lesser jobs in offer the frustration level is going up everyday. I think it's the modern lifestyle which is not helping the issue," she said.

She recalled that in Australian towns when automation came in half of the people lost their jobs with no other jobs to replace.

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