Agra: The education mafias active in Uttar Pradesh appear to have hijacked the complete examination and evaluation system of UP Board of Secondary Education.

The wide network of the notorious mafias is spread across the secondary education department ranging from Board office to examination centres to allotment of answer books at the evaluation centre.

In what could be seen as the biggest proof of their strong indulgence in the education system, over 39,500 answer books allotted to the evaluation centres of Agra were transported to other districts. Majority of the answer copies belonged to High school.

The wrongdoings were perpetrated right under the nose of the administration with the help of truck operators and employees of the education department, thus reflecting a close nexus between them.

Consequently, while many centres are on the verge of completing the evaluation of High school copies, several officials in-charge of other evaluation centres are facing a tough time following arrival of large number of answer sheets at the eleventh hour, as they are not being able to get evaluators to check them.

The incident came to light after the district administration sought an explanation for the delay in the evaluation.

Jaunpur copies delivered to Agra

According to sources, notwithstanding assigned allotment centres, answer copies of Jaunpur were forcibly transferred to Agra. The copies were first sent to Government Inter College (GIC), Agra initially, but after the college principal refused to take the delivery, the officials sent the copies to Saket Inter College.

For two consecutive days none paid heed to the answer copies. Efforts were made to please the Board officials to accept the copies in Agra, but when the higher authorities refused, the copies were sent back to respective districts.

Defending the department, District Inspector of School (DIoS), Manoj Giri said, “The copies mistakenly get transported to other districts and there is no involvement of copying mafias behind the anomaly. Such incident happened last year as well. The copies were sent back to their respective districts after talking to the Board secretary.”

Failing on evaluation standards

Case 1: As many as 86,982 high school answer copies were allotted to GIC evaluation centre of Agra by the Board. However, a truck carrying copies went missing and over 14,400 copies were sent to other districts.

Case 2:  Over 1.19 lakh high school copies were allotted to MD Jain Inter College, but 22,000 copies on their way to the evaluation centre landed up at some other centres.

Case 3: Over 3000 copies of class X, which were allotted to Baptist Higher Secondary School for evaluation, reached in some other districts.