Dharmshala: In a bid to avoid excess of correspondence in departmental affairs, Himachal Pradesh Education Department prepares to create an online data base for all its employees. The department has instructed all the schools to feed the service book of all their employees under the PMIS programme.

Employees of all the categories except PTA and part-time will be covered under the programme. The schools will have to prepare an online service book of their employees which will contain all related information. The available data will be used for the various departmental procedures concerned to an employee like- transfer, salary increment and leave.

The schools would also have to provide a duplicate code to the education department which will enable department to have access to the data. The school principal will be responsible for verification of the data being uploaded on the website.

Education Department Deputy Director RC Kaudal said, “The PMIS task is in progress. We have asked the schools to submit their data for this purpose. The facility will not only save time and money but will also make it easy for the employees to have easy access to the necessary information.”