Patna: Terming education as the biggest challenge for the minorities, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asserted that the issue should be kept away from politics. He opined that the entire society will develop only when the minorities prosper.

While speaking in a seminar on ‘Challenges before Minorites’ at Ravindra Bhawan, he said that terrorism has no connection with any particular section of the minorities. “We have to remain united to confront and remove terrorism from the country,” he added.

On being questioned on the branch of Aligarh Muslim University at Kishanganj, he said it should not be made a political issue. He said, “The government has already allotted the land for proposed Muslim University, but no work has been started so far.”

CM said the speeches to rouse up religious sentiments will no longer work, as people are concerned with the development. “Muslims had been compelled to live under awe but now they are free from fear,” he added.

Kumar said that the state has to run special programmes to promote the minorities. Discussing the details of Multi-Sector Development Programme (MSDP), he said this scheme is meant for minority. The project aims to uplift the living standards of minorities on the district level.

CM also discussed the programme under which Rs 10,000 is given to minority students who secure more than 60 percent marks in Matric examination. The number of beneficiaries under the scheme increased from 2,627 in 2007 to 20,255 in 2010.