Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Sunday said the government would back 'to the hilt' officers coming up with new and innovative ideas.

"The government has been evaluating the performance of officials through a grading system. Officers who perform well have been given incentives by way of foreign trips'', he said at a workshop on Results Framework Documents (RFDs) here on Saturday.

Administrative reforms have to be carried out to change the system to deliver the goods to the people, he said.

Speaking at the programme, Prajapati, secretary in the cabinet secretariat's performance management division, said effective monitoring and follow-up action were the key to ensure improvement of government performance.

''Making a policy is not difficult. The greater task is ensuring its implementation and for this effective follow-up and monitoring is the answer," said Trivedi.

Trivedi said RFDs is an instrument for improving government performance through the process of effective follow-up and monitoring of government policies.

''We have to prioritize our objectives together with prioritizing the success indicators to achieve the targets. The key to implementation of government policies lies in effective follow-up and monitoring. RFDs ensure policies get translated into reality,'' he said.

Persistent inequalities, ineffective delivery of public services, weak accountability systems and gaps in the implementation of pro-poor policies are the major bottlenecks.

He emphasised the need to change people's perception about government agencies which depended on redressing their grievances and achieving targets.