Cairo: Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has announced a government reshuffles within one week, as he faces mounting pressure from protesters over the slow pace of reform.
"I have ordered a cabinet reshuffle within a week to meet the demands of the revolution and reflect the real will of the people," Sharaf said in a recorded address on state television.
He also set a deadline of July 15 for the dismissal of police officers accused of killing protesters during the uprising that ousted President Hosni Mubarak in February.
The Prime Minister called on the judiciary to proceed with "open trials for all former regime officials and those accused of killing protesters so that the trials are swift in order to reassure the people."
Sharaf, whose appointment was widely celebrated in March, has come under increased criticism for being too weak in the face of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces which took power when Mubarak was ousted.
A military source said that Sharaf's speech had been delayed until the military council approved its final wording.
The Prime Minister had asked for the dismissal of several Mubarak-era cabinet members, as well as Deputy Prime Minister Yehia al-Gamal and Interior Minister Mansur Essawy, but the military rulers insisted on keeping Essawy, the military source said.
He also said local governors would be reshuffled before the end of the month.
Sharaf's speech comes as sit-ins continue in Cairo, Alexandria and the canal city of Suez following nationwide rallies on Friday to demand political change.
Hundreds camped out in Cairo's Tahrir Square – the epicentre of protests that toppled Mubarak-- forming a picket line outside the Mugamma, a huge government complex housing Egypt's sprawling bureaucracy.