Cairo: An Egyptian committee tasked with amending the country's Constitution has proposed to limit the Presidential term and the use of emergency laws. These are two of the key demands of the uprising pro-democracy that has ousted longtime ruler Hosni Mubarak from office.

The eight-member committee said it presented its report, which includes suggested amendments to eleven articles of the Constitution, to the Supreme Military Council.

By virtue of the amendments, the presidential term will be limited to four years and the President will be allowed to serve two terms only. The amendments also stipulated that a state of emergency should not be declared in the country until it is approved by Parliament.

Emergency shall last six months at most and a public referendum shall be held to extend it.

The new proposed amendments also set a minimum age for the presidential candidate of 40 years with no maximum limit.
Other conditions state that any Egyptian President should have Egyptian parents, should hold no other nationality and should not be married to a non-Egyptian.

The committee defined three ways for nomination of presidential candidates: The candidate shall obtain the approval of at least 30 members of the People's Assembly, the second way for the candidate to obtain the approval of at least 30,000 citizens from 15 governorates and at least 1,000 citizens from each, or any of the existing parties with at least one elected MP in either house can nominate one of its members for the presidency.

The new amendments obligate the elected President to appoint a Vice-President within 60 days since taking post.