Another earthquake not far from the archipelago hit North Sumatra island in Indonesia, measuring 5.7 on the Richter scale at 3:04 PM and at a depth of 10 kms.

According to the Seismology Division of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, the first earthquake occurred at 4:12 PM measuring 5.2, followed by another earthquake 11 minutes later measuring 5.

The third earthquake struck on 5:24 PM again measuring 5 after which at 6.54 PM, a quake measuring 5.2 hit the islands. At around 8:04 PM, another jolt of 5.2 was recorded followed by a mild tremor of 4.9 which hit the islands at 8:17 PM.

About two hours later, an earthquake measuring 6 hit the islands at 10:17 PM while another one measuring 5.6 struck minutes later at 10:29 PM.

All earthquakes were recorded at a depth of 35-60 kms.

The area around the Andaman and Nicobar islands and the Indonesian archipelago is known to be a high seismic zone and often records tremors.

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