These food items protect you from illness and degenerative diseases.


Citrus fruits:
Vitamin C is very important for building collagen. It is known as the vital component of young- looking skin which generally starts breaking down in 20's. Citrus contains bioflavonoids which protects the skin from UV rays and helps prevent cell death.


Sweet potatoes:

It helps in balancing your skin's pH, which combats dryness and promotes cell turnover, resulting in smoother skin.

Its red pigment is lycopene which is a potent antioxidant that shields skin from sun damage and acts as a sunscreen. It gives you a smoother skin.


Kidney beans:
Pulses are full of fibre and potassium which helps in reducing cholesterol levels and reduces risk of heart disease. They are full of  protein.

Avocados are rich in antioxidants which help in protecting the skin. It contains high quantity of Vitamin E. It helps in regenerating skin cells which make your skin look fresh giving you a youthful complexion.

It is great source of fibre and Vitamin C which help in controlling weight and fight different heart diseases.

Dark chocolate:
Chocolate, which contains more than 70 percent cocoa, are rich in proteins and Vitamin B. Small bite of chocolate regularly helps in burning fat and makes you skin and hair glow.

It is rich in Vitamin C which helps in blood circulation. It contains minerals and helps in anti-ageing process. It contains high quantity of potassium and helps in fighting puffiness.


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