1. Named Karenjit Kaur Vohra by her parents, Sunny Leone grew up in a Punjabi family and watched Bollywood films. Her favourite actor is Aamir Khan.

2. Sunny Leone was studying to be a pediatric nurse before she could step into the Adult Industry. She joined the adult film industry at the age of 19.

3. Sunny Leone happens to be the first Indian adult film star to make an entry into mainstream Bollywood films.

4. Sunny was once engaged to Matt Erikson, the Vice President of marketing at Playboy. The two broke up in 2008.

5. Sunny Leone had dated the world famous stand-up comedian Russell Peters for a brief period in 2008. In 2011, Sunny announced that she’s married to Daniel Weber, who was his former co-star and co-producer in the adult film industry.

6. When she started her career in the porn film industry, she signed a contract saying that she would only perform with females.

7. Sunny hates the word ‘porn’ and corrects people who use that word. She instead uses the word ‘adult movies’.

8. In her personal life, Sunny loves fast food, but is not a party animal. She likes dogs but is scared by creepy crawlies. Kiwi is her favorite fruit.

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