Yacht History Supreme
Price: USD 4.5 billion

The most expensive yacht ever built in the world is 'History Supreme'. The yacht is studded with 100,000 kg of platinum, gold, a statue made out of a T-Rex’s bone and wine glasses made from 18-carat diamond. One needs to be probably in top-10 rich list to afford it.

Villa Leopolda
Price: USD 506 million

The villa built on popular  French Riviera is the second most expensive mansion that exists on the planet. The villa is spread across 18 acres. Truly royal!

'The Card Players' (Painting)
Price:  USD 260 million

The painting of 'Card Players' made by  French artist Paul Cezannepa painted in 1893 was sold for USD 260 million making it the world's highest price art. The painting is now owned by Qatar's Royal family of Al Thani.

1963 Ferrari GTO
Price: USD 52 million

According to reports, 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO sold for USD 52 million and is one of the most expensive deal of any car in the history.

201-carat gemstone watch
Price: USD 25 million

This is the  most expensive watch in the world made up of 15-carat pink diamond. Can you dare to buy it?

Gold-plated Bugatti Veyron
Price: USD 10 million

One of the most expensive cars in the world that is owned by some billionaires of middle-east and Florida. The car can actually gear up from 0-100 in roughly 2.5 seconds.


Crystal Piano
Price: 3.2 million USD

You will be surprised to know that this piano costing USD 3.2 million is entirely made out of crystals. The phenomenal crystal piano is the most expensive instrument in the world.

Magnetic floating bed
Price:  USD 1.6 million

Magnetic floating bed, world's most expensive and luxurious bed that is more or less like a rectangular magnet costs around  1.6 million dollars. The bed has the capacity to hold weight upto 2000 pounds.


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