There are many reasons that can prove why is Yoga better than gym. On International Yoga day, we bring you some reasons to prove practising Yoga to be better option than gyming:

* Multiple benefits: Gyming comes only with physical benefits. Yoga, however, not only tones your body physically, but helps you grow spiritually and intellectually.

* Boosts confidence: Yoga has another advantage over Gym that it helps in boosting the confidence. It also teaches acceptance and brings positive changes in attitude. Yoga totally strengthens the mind, removes stress and hence boosts confidence.  

* Improves concentration: One of the best ways to improve concentration is doing Yoga. It also helps you gain peace in mind and sharpens the memory.

* Makes body flexible: Many Yoga asanas play an important role in gaining flexibility. It is considered as a fantastic tool to increase joint flexibility and even makes your spines flexible. While on the other hand, gym only tones your muscle.

* No space or equipment required: With no equipment required, Yoga just needs little space around yourself to practise the asanas. While, gyming needs some equipments.

* Not tiring: A gym session makes you tired, while Yoga energises you. When Yoga is practised in the morning, it clears your mind and sets you up for the day.

* Cures many illnesses:
There are many Yoga asanas meant to cure different diseases. It eases your aches or pains and helps in digestion. It also helps get rid of fatigue feeling.

* Saves money:
Another advantage of Yoga is that it does not cost a single penny. While, gyming always burns a hole in your pocket, either in form of attractive package or monthly basis. Even, building gym in your house is quite expensive.

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