1. Display
Samsung Galaxy S6 features a 5.1-inch AMOLED 2K display, with 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution for grand experience with an enhanced pixel density up to 572ppi in comparison to 326ppi seen in the iPhone 6.

2. Camera
Samsung has installed it's flagship 16MP sensor that was also present in the Galaxy Note 4, but with a an important update. The Galaxy S6 comes with an f/1.9 lens in cameras on the rear as well as front clubbed along with bigger aperature that will enable device to enhance pictures even when in low light.

3. Exynos Processor
The new phone is powered by Samsung's own 64-bit, 14-nanometer Exynos processor, a departure from its previous reliance on Qualcomm Inc's chips.

4. No Expandable storage
The company has upgraded the device with DDR4 instead of DDR3 and has lifted it to 3GB worth of RAM from 2GB RAM. Samsung has removed the MicroSD card slot space and has fixed the minimum storage standard capacity to 32GB up from 16GB.  

5. TouchWiz
Samsung's front-end touch interface TouchWiz will be present in Samsung S6 as has been improvised by the electronic giant for better performance. Along with the usual finds like S Voice and S Finder, the phone is complimented by new  like Microsoft’s OneDrive and OneNote.

6. Mobile payments system
Samsung is also touting the Galaxy S6's compatibility with a new mobile payments system it is preparing to launch in the United States and South Korea in the second half of this year. The system will allow users to make mobile payments through magnetic strip-card readers without an external accessory needed for other models.

7. Wireless Charging
This devices is the first from Samsung to support wireless charging without a dedicated accessory and can also get four hours of power with a 10-minute charge by cord.

8. Non swappable battery

Samsung had made variegated modifications on several ends, the most prominent of them is the non swappable battery that had been installed in the phone. The company claims that it can charge the device in lesser time, it can fully charge the battery in half the time of the iPhone 6. If connected by charger for 10 minutes the phone will have enough power to be used for four hours.