Dehradun: The death of eight tigers in Jim Corbett National Park since January has once again raised alarms over the dwindling number of animal in the country.

Though the concerned department has termed these deaths natural, the Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI) has indicated it to be an alarming situation and has demanded an inquiry into the matter.

“Government is expending Rs 4.50 crore rupees on platinum jubilee celebration but it is not concerned over the tigers’ death. National Wildlife Federation and Wildlife Crime Control Bureau should investigate the matter jointly,” said Rajendra Agarwal, Head of WPSI, Uttarakhand.

Disapproving Agarwal's concerns, Chief Wildlife Warden Srikant Chandola said, “The number of tigers in Corbett is very high. Annual data of natural deaths of tigers can’t be maintained.”

Though the number of tigers has increased this year in Corbett national park, but it is equally true that the death rate is also very high. The deaths include a tigress, which was pregnant with five cubs.

The rising number of tigers’ death in Jim Corbett National Park has also highlighted the possible food shortage in the park.