Kabul (Agencies): Eighteen people were left dead and 70 injured on Saturday after bombers targeted a bank in eastern Afghanistan, a government spokesman said.

Seven bombers attacked a branch of Kabul Bank in Jalalabad city, according to Ahmad Zia Abdulzia, spokesman for the provincial governor.

Two bombers detonated their explosives, while five others were killed in a gun battle with Afghan security forces, Abdulzia informed.

The attack began in the morning as Afghan security personnel had gone to receive their salaries at the bank.

"Relentless terrorists have attacked innocent people who came to the bank for their daily transactions and collecting their salaries," President Hamid Karzai stated.

He condemned the attack as an "un-Islamic act" by "terrorists who would not let Afghan civilians continue their life peacefully". The President's office had previously said that three suicide bombers blew themselves up at the bank.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing attack.

"Insurgents blatantly targeted Afghan civilians in this truly vile attack on the people of Afghanistan," NATO spokesman Rear Admiral Vic Beck remarked in a statement.

"We will continue working with the Afghan government in bringing those responsible to justice."

In the meantime, a NATO-led international security assistance force soldier was killed in an insurgent attack in southern Afghanistan on Saturday, the alliance said in a statement.

Saturday's attacks came a day after a suicide bomber detonated his vehicle in the southeastern city of Khost, claiming lives of eight people and wounding about 40.