Mumbai: Ekta Kapoor is already planning a sequel to her latest success, 'Ragini MMS'.Says a source, "It is one of the cheapest films ever made at a cost of a little over a crore and with print, publicity and promotion, the total cost went up to Rs 4.8 crore. Going by the latest reports, Ragini has grossed over R 6.5 crore."

Naturally, as a producer, Ekta is thrilled and wants to launch a sequel soon. Her other small budget film ‘Love Sex Aur Dhoka’ was made at R 2.8 crore and made R 3.3 crore.
Obviously, she will begin work on Ragini first. The source says that ‘Ragini 2’ will be scarier than the first film.

Ekta says,"While the original showed a young couple out for a steamy weekend, troubled by an avenging spirit who goes on a killing spree, the sequel will be scarier, have more sex scenes and the horror quotient will be upped.The sequel will explore the life of the woman before she died and will have explicit and gruesome details of how she ended up killing her own family."

She adds,"I always wanted to make a sequel to ‘Ragini MMS’ but only went ahead with it because it's doing well."