Mumbai: TV serial queen and producer Ekta Kapoor knows every tips and tricks to make her stars acting but in her personal life, she is a complete fashion faux pas. We have seen her in many award shows, showing off cleavage and wearing unmatched apparels, adding to fashion blunders. But this time, she went one step further posing for camera with unwaxed armpits.

According to media reports, Ekta was seen promoting her film ‘Ek Thi Dayan’ in Mumbai during which cameras spotted Ekta’s unwaxed armpits in an off-shoulder gown. We think Ekta was so busy during making of ‘Ek Thi Dayan’ that she couldn’t spare time for parlour.  She would have avoided getting into this embarrassing situation, had she taken care of her overall look.  Despite all this, Ekta was least aware of her outfit and posed boldly in the famous teapot posture at her film’s promotion.

Hope, she would learn from this faux pas in future.


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