Disposing of a complaint against the holding of the camp at Dwarka in Delhi, EC said that the event may be allowed to go ahead, but with a few riders.

It said that there will be no formal or publicized inauguration or closing ceremonies for the camp attended by political functionaries as chief guests or special invitees.

It also said that no distribution of any publicity material in any medium (print, electronic or digital) of any political party shall be permitted at the camp.

"Organizers should be directed to ensure that the venue for the camp is not used for political campaigning by anybody," EC said.

It added that any violation of its instructions, including by the organizers, will invite strict action under the relevant laws/rules and the Model Code of Conduct, including withdrawal of the permission to hold the camp.

"Organizers may also be informed that any direct/indirect political message from the camp will be viewed seriously and the entire expenditure for it will then be treated as having been made on election campaigning,” it said.

"(The expenses will be then) booked under relevant provisions of the election expenditure of contesting candidates under the Representation of the People Act, 1951," it said.

EC also asked local authorities to get an undertaking from the organizers that they will adhere to all the conditions laid down before them. It also asked for the camp to be videographed.


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