Hero Electric Photon

Priced at Rs 52,790, Photon is a high speed electric scooter designed to provide great performance while also scoring good on the economy front.

Hero Electric Wave

Priced at Rs 35,750, the Wave DX is another eco-friendly electric scooter from Hero Electric. It has an aerodynamic and sleek body design which is quite nice to look at. It is loaded with features like remote locking with electronic alarm, cellphone charger and immobilizer.

Hero Electric Optima Plus

The bike offers 25 km / hour speed, less than 250 Motor Output (Watt) SLA 48V/20 AH battery type, 16 inch x 3 inch wheel diameter 48V, 3A charger. 6 to 8 hrs is the battery charging time. The bike is priced at Rs 37,490.

Hero Electric Maxi
Priced at Rs 29,900, Hero Electric Maxi bike comes with Stylish body with attractive looks. It features high efficiency, waterproof motor with hall sensors. The bike technically offers 25 km / hour speed, less than 250 Motor output (Watt), SLA 48V/20 AH Battery Type, 16 inch x 3 inch wheel diameter, 48V, 3A Charger. 6 to 8 hrs is the battery Charging Time

Hero Electric Cruz battery run ebike

The bike offers 25 km/ hour speed, 70 km /charge range, 250 BLDC Motor Output (Watt), 48V-20 AH battery type,10 inch wheel diameter, e-bike charger etc. You will get 8 hr battery charging time. For safety equipped with Drum Break. The bike is priced at Rs 34,750.

BSA Motors Diva

Diva, as its name suggests, is a smart looking scooter that runs on battery power. This electric scooter is powered by a 250W motor that allows the 75 kgs scooter to reach speeds of 25 kmph while carrying one  adult and a child. The drum brakes at the front and rear do their job quite well. The 22 AH battery provides a range of 70 kms and can be charged in 6-8 hours. The bike is priced at Rs Rs 29,0000.

BSA Motors Smile

Priced at Rs 27,760


BPG, a North American firm, has so far launched three e-bikes: Uno models – BPG UNO I, II, and III, with a price tag of Rs 40,000, Rs 45,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively. This bike will turn into a unicycle during low speed and turns to be a Uno at high speed. It boasts a speed limit of 48.3 kmph.