New Delhi: The citizens of the national capital will very soon find themselves sweating under the heat of the increased hike in electricity tariff. The Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) announced a 21.77% hike in tariffs across the board, effective from September 1, 2011. With the increase in electricity tariff, more than 40 lakh electricity consumers in the capital would be affected.

While announcing the new rates on Friday evening, P D Sudhakar, Chairman, DERC, said, “Since 2004 there is rise in Wholesale Price Index (WPI) by 41 percent, Consumer Price Index (CPI) by 58 percent, coal by 36 percent increase and gas (LPG) hike by 103 percent.”

DERC also announced that the hike reflects only partial recovery of costs for power companies and the remaining dues would be adjusted over the next four years clearly hinting at a series of tariff hikes in the years to come.

Over and above this hike, the power bills will show marginal increases every three months as DERC has allowed fuel price adjustment on a quarterly basis that will be implemented from October 2011.

Under this adjustment, any variation in fuel cost incurred by utilities BSES Yamuna, BSES Rajdhani and NDPL will be passed on to consumers as fuel surcharge every three months. The first fuel surcharge amount will be shown in the December bill.

DERC officials justified the surcharge saying it was being levied in 18 other states and that the increase would be marginal.