New Delhi: The government on Monday said job requirement in electrical equipment industry, which is facing major problem in getting skilled and employable manpower, is expected to increase to 35 lakh by 2012.
Currently, it is estimated that the industry provides direct and indirect employment to 5 lakh and 10 lakh people respectively.
"This requirement is estimated to increase to 15 lakh direct employment and 20 lakh indirect employment by 2012," Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises said in a statement here.
It said that the electrical equipment industry is facing a major problem in getting skilled and employable manpower which is technically competent, equipped with skills and ready to be deployed.
"The industry is facing a looming skill gap, which is widening every year. Due to lack of skilled manpower, electrical equipment industry is suffering as it is affecting critical functions like R&D, consultancy, design and detailed engineering work," it added.
The technical education system in the country does not promote innovative thinking, it said adding training being provided in the ITIs is out dated and the students are not able to meet the aspirations of the industry.
"Even the qualified supervisors and engineers are not available. Those who are qualified are not well trained to meet the technical needs of the industry. Because of the above factors the labour productivity is far less than the labour productivity in China and Korea," the statement said.
It said that this is one of the important reasons for making the industry non-competitive and is also effecting the timely completion of the projects.
The ministry said that there is an urgent need for training the work force for all the segments of the industry and making changes in the curriculum of the polytechnics and
engineering colleges.