Agartala: Tripura State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) has hiked power tariff by Rs. 0.69 per unit as against the demand for Rs. 1.95 by the Tripura State Electricity Corporation Ltd (TSECL), official sources said  on Thursday.

According to an estimate, the Corporation will be able to collect an additional Rs.40 crore per year due to the hike.

Chairman of SERC, Monaranjan Karmakar, said, "the Tripura State Electricity Corporation (TSECL) sought an increase of Rs. 1.95 per unit which accounts for 48.65 per cent hike, but the present hike accounts for 17.5 per cent rise in tariff per unit."

Power Minister Manik Dey, said, the TSECL had submitted tariff petition for review as per the Central Electricity Law.

The corporation pointed out that the per unit cost of power had increased substantially after abrupt hike in gas price by the central government, he said.

"Besides, recurring expenditure has also gone up due to implementation of the new pay structure for the corporation's employees," he said.

The TSECL which was once a profit making PSUs of the government is suffering a loss of Rs. 40 crore each year since 2010 due to implementation of new pay structure.

The Power minister said that the government would examine the decision of the SERC in detail and take a decision on giving subsidy in tariff for domestic consumers.