Ranchi: After a gap of five years, an elephant census will be conducted in Jharkhand and three other states from June 1 in a three-day long exercise.

"As per the Central government guidelines, the census will be taken up between June 1 and 3 in Jharkhand and three other states, having contiguous habitat," Conservator of Forest (Palamau Tiger Project, Betla Core Area in Palamau) Premjit Anand said.

The last elephant census was taken up five years ago, he said.

Members of the counting units will spread out in the Palamau Tiger Project at Betla and other forest areas from June 1, he said, adding that they would take positions at selected spots from 5.30 am to 4 pm on the days.

"Fixed points have been identified to observe elephants at water holes, towers, hideouts and in other places where visibility of elephants are frequent.

"Details will be noted down, like whether the elephant is an adult or a juvenile or a calf and whether the elephant is a tusker. Then the compilation work will be taken up," Anand said.

To avoid duplication of the pachyderms, forest guards have been trained to note down the exact time when an elephant is spotted and this will be coupled with other ways to minimise errors.

"Suppose a team spots a herd of four elephants at one spot at 3 pm and another team sees the same number at 4 pm then they would be the same elephants," he said on distance, which is considered as a factor during counting.


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