Haridwar: We have seen elephants going berserk and mauling their handlers, but this would soon become a thing of the past as scientists have found a solution to this problem through a device called ‘Elephant Restrain’.

A Mumbai-based engineering company, Senjo, has developed the equipment which claims to remotely control an angry elephant through the device called ‘Elephant Restrain’.

The equipment was recently exhibited in Rajaji National Park. After its successful experimentation, the park administration is now planning to use it.

According to reports, the equipment is already popular in Kerala, where elephants’ participation in almost all the religious ceremonies is a must.

In such events, chances of stampede always remain high if any elephant goes berserk, therefore to save precious human lives the device has come as a friendly tool for those who handle these mammoths.

Wildlife warden of Rajaji National Park’s Chila range, V S Tomar said, “The length of this equipment is half feet, and with a width of one-feet it weighs almost 10 kg.”

“The equipment is tied on the back foot of the elephant, when needed the remote is pushed and the belt attached to the equipment tie both the back feet,” he added.