Dehradun: It's not only human beings who change their eating habits; even animals do so. A study conducted on the eating pattern of elephants in Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand gives credence to the assumption.

The joint study conducted by wildlife expert Dr Ritesh Joshi and Dr Rambir Singh, director of Science and Technology department, in the park and its adjoining forest areas have come out with several interesting facts.

The study revealed that the tuskers, who earlier used to eat only 12 species of shrubs, are now consuming 52 plant varieties out of 262 available in the park.

The mammoth which have been eating bamboos, shisham, rohini, khair, jhingan, dhauri are now eating other plant varieties, which were earlier not recorded as their staple.

The study says that the eating pattern of the elephant has witnessed changed over the last decade.

While in 2006 they preferred sagaun, in 2007, they were recorded eating lasaura, Koora and faldu. In 2009 they started consuming kunkhi and sural.