Srinagar: For the first time in India, a pair of reclusive snow leopards have been caught on camera wandering in icy heights just a few kilometres from the Line of Control near Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir.

Two elusive adult leopards were caught by infrared camera traps set up months ago by the World Wildlife Fund-India team in the heavily militarised zone, which saw guns booming in a conflict 13 years ago between India and Pakistan.

WWF-India said that this was the first time that camera trap pictures of snow leopards have been obtained from the Kargil district since they were installed by a WWF-India team.

The cameras were installed by a team of WWF-India led by Aishwarya Maheshwari in mid-2010.

Snow leopards are considered the most endangered of big cats and live in regions of extreme cold and harsh terrain. According to estimates, there are about 6,000 such animals left in the wild Himalayan region.