New Delhi: Emaar MGF, a building construction company, seems to be in bellicose against DDA over sealing 65 Flats of the Commonwealth Games Village on Monday. The company categorically said that they will protest the move and seek intervention of the MCD tribunal for the second time.

The Emaar group has termed the DDA’s action of sealing the flats as contempt of the Tribunal’s orders. On the other hand, venting their anger over the move of the DDA, the owners of the flats have decided to bring the matter to the notice of High court.

Emaar MGF had to hand over the ownership of flats to the buyers in January 2010, but they failed to meet the deadline. A double whammy for the owners of the flats, the DDA sealed the flats on Monday.

The flats sealed by DDA are now under the jurisdiction of the building company, which landed in the soup after the sealing.

“We posted a letter to the Vice President of DDA, mentioning about the unfair behavior of DDA which sealed the flats without any prior information and a legal notice. We will protest this move,” an executive of the company said.

Protest of flat owners: The buyers of the flats of the Games Village have formed a group, named as CWG Flats Buyers Group in order to continue the case in the High Court.

President Anup Sharma and Vice president Rohit Gulati of CWG Flats Buyers Group said, “The DDA’s action is intriguing. When the High Court had asked Ministry of Urban Development to look into the matter, the sealing of flats without informing to the law of land is sheer contempt of the court. On this ground we will make plea for an early hearing.”