New Delhi: Amid high speculations of linkage between the blasts in Thailand and India which were suspected to have been plotted against Israeli diplomats, the entire story gets faded as new leads in the case emerge.

The fresh investigations in the case suggest that the nature of explosives used in attacks in Bangkok and Delhi were different.

As per the forensic report, while potassium chlorate and nitrate based bombs were used for bombing the Israeli embassy car in Delhi, C-4, which is a military explosive and was used in the triple blasts that rocked Bangkok city of Thailand.

While there is no headway in the investigations but the preliminary enquiry suggests that the attacks in both the countries were aimed at targeting the Israeli envoys.

In such a situation, the Indian security agencies are eyeing at important clues from the probe in Thailand following the arrest of three Iranian suspects.

“The initial enquiry clearly suggested hand of Iran in Monday’s deadly attack on the Israeli diplomat’s wife in Delhi,” a senior official claimed, while adding, “Chances of involvement of local person in the execution of the entire plot is also high. The enquiry will reveal the exact scene.”

According to the security agencies, the alleged terror attacks can be seen in perspective with the international conspiracy against Israel.

The security agencies in India are closely observing the developments in the investigations in Thailand and Georgia. The Indian agencies have sought detailed information from Bangkok police after three crucial arrests. However, no crucial information has arrived as of now from Georgia where a bomb was recovered from Israeli diplomat’s car.