New Delhi: The preliminary report of the investigation into the explosion of an Israeli diplomat’s car has found the traces of potassium chlorate and nitrate. Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) in its report has confirmed that an amount of 250-300 grams of the chemicals were found.

Meanwhile, Israel's external security agency, Mossad, has given some vital clues which can help in taking the investigations further. If experts are to be believed then India’s intelligence agencies lack ability in solving the blasts and their modus operandi. Therefore, Mossad wants its officials to come to India and conduct investigation.

While forensic experts were battling with the explosive material and its triggering mechanism, the officials said despite the explosion, which shattered the window panes of nearby bungalows, the metal of the vehicle was not ripped off. They said the explosion was only able to create a loud noise and dent the body of the SUV and not rip it off as otherwise it could have been fatal.

The triggering mechanism was not clear as yet to the experts, they added.

Earlier, on Wednesday a nine member team of the Israeli security agency Mossad had visited India to take stock of the situation. The officials were briefed on the investigations done.

(JPN/ Bureau)