New Delhi: Tired of draping that regular overflowing six yard saree and want to get ready in minutes? Here’s the latest ready-to-wear zipper saree- just slide in, fasten the zipper and adorn the ‘pallu’ over the shoulders.

To many of us, the saree symbolises the ultimate in elegance. But with trendy western and Indo-western wear spelling comfort, draping a saree is surely a tedious task and difficult to manage for those who do not wear it often.

If you also feel the similar way, then here is the trendy and easy solution to your problem -zipper sarees. These sarees are designed in such a way which could be worn in seconds. You just hop into them and pull them up like your trousers.

Designed in an indo-western style, Zipper sarees give you an ethnic and chic look at the same time.

The trend is more popular amongst the youngsters. Yamini Srivastava, a fashion freak, who recently bought a zipper saree, excitedly says, "This is one invention that has eased our work. It is fashionable, trendy and most importantly saves time."

Designer Lalit Dalmia who is popular for this style says, "These sarees have been designed for the people on the move — those who don't have much time on their hands and keeping in mind the comfort level of the young girls. Due to their hectic lifestyles, they are unable to wear saree that is traditional yet elegant. Zipper sarees can be tied in no time and are exceptionally stylish."

Rahul Jain, a fashion designing student from NIFT says, "Zipper saree has been tailored in such a way that it doesn't involve any pleats and pallu tying. Along with this, it doesn't tamper with the pure concept of a saree. The design makes it look neater than a simple saree."

He goes on to add, "The length of a normal saree is 5.30 metres and the zipper saree length varies from 3 metres to 23 metres. A girl can don the saree in a simple style as well as use her creativity to make the saree look more elegant and trendy."

"Just wear it like a simple skirt. It comes with instructions on how to wear it. I really like the creativity and style of these sarees," says Deepshikha Mehta, who recently purchased a zip-up sarees.

The beauty of the saree lies in its versatility. So what are you waiting for, hop into a saree store and be a part of the trend in no time. 

(Courtesy: City Plus)