London (Agencies): Hollywood actress Emily Blunt recently revealed that she does not like winning awards and giving acceptance speeches.

The actress said that she does not like giving acceptance speeches, a news report said.

Blunt, who had a stammer problem when she was younger hates to speak in public and so is never upset when she misses out on accolades.

"I don't have that, 'I really want to win sort of thing.' Am I disappointed if I lose? No. Absolutely not. I am almost relieved that I don't have to go up there and make a speech," said the actress.

"I don't know if you can necessarily pin down what is a better performance. It's subjective, not everyone likes some of the Oscar-winning performances that have been out there.

"Even if you were to win there would be people who'd hate the fact you'd won it," added Blunt.