Kolkata: According to eminent Indian physicist Bikash Sinha, Indian students must come forward for dark matter research, the big thing right now following the discovery of the elusive God particle.

"Dark matter study is the big thing right now. Higg's boson creates a ripple in the dark world and from this ripple we can figure out what this dark matter consists of and this is why we need students from India to come forward," Sinha said on the sidelines of a briefing about the soon to be opened Tagore Centre of Natural Sciences & Philosophy.

The Geneva-based CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) had discovered the new sub-atomic particle, possibly the Higgs boson, in July 2012.

Physicists believe dark matter, which binds the universe, makes up 84 percent of all matter and is everywhere, but it has never been seen as it does not produce or reflect light.

Sinha rued the fact that though students are eager to pursue research in dark matter study, delay in funding and hesitancy on the part of bureaucrats comes in the way.

"There's no dearth of funding. But funding is not done properly, because it takes too long. Bureaucrats do not want to put their signature. They are hesitant," said Sinha.


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