1. Person bowing deeply:

How it's used: People use this emoji as a sign of seriousness or as a symbol of thinking.
Original meaning: It is a sign to show respect or to express an apology.

2. Dizzy symbol:

How it's used: People use it like a shooting star.

Original meaning: This symbol actually means dizziness or 'seeing stars' often used in comics and cartoons when someone is hit on the head.

3. Person with folded hands:

How it's used: People use this emotion to show pleading or praying. Some also used it as a symbol of giving high-five.
Original meaning: This hand gesture is used to express apology or gratitude in Japanese culture.

4. Hands on girl's head:

How it's used: This emoji is used as a sign of awe or to express shock and embarrassment.

Original meaning: It is supposed to be an OK symbol. This girl is making an OK sign using her whole body which is a Japanese gesture.

5. Open hands sign:

How it's used: This sign is used when a person is dismissive of something or wants to stop something coming in way.

Original meaning: In Japanese culture, these open palms represent openness or hug.

6. Face with cold sweat:

How it's used: People use this sign when in pain, stress or high pressure conditions.

Original meaning: It is generally used when a person feels dejected. This water droplet is considered as a tear droplet.