The study, conducted with ad agency Starcom and startup Canvs, included nearly 20 prime time programmes in which Starcom clients ran TV ads, variety.

com reported. The findings showed that TV viewers who were emotionally connected to a show are more likely to remember the ads they saw.

"We've long believed that viewers respond differently to commercials depending on how they feel about what they're watching," Heather O'Shea, Twitter's head of global agency research and data strategy, said in a blog post.

When it comes to getting a pulse on people's emotional reactions during live TV, now we know that Twitter can drive even stronger results for brands, O'Shea added.

Among the viewers who posted on Twitter with emotional terms like "love" and "excited," 41 percent recalled ads in the programme.

It was three times that of users whose tweets about a show were neutral. Among emotional tweeters, 61 percent said they were likely to purchase from the brands advertised, the report added.According to Twitter, TV ad campaigns that have "promoted tweets" feature synchronised with TV broadcasts has 9 percent lift in ad recall compared with campaigns that did not.

The findings showed that people who used Twitter while watching a TV show were 62 percent more likely to recall the brands which advertised during the programme.

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